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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Another Show Me What You Got show, another page added to our book. But this one was truly special.

We would like to acknowledge everyone for helping us usher in this new chapter that is our stateside shows! TRUST, San Antonio is only the beginning... We are bringing the talent, fun, and nights of entertainment to VA, CA, WA, and many more places. But before we get ahead of ourselves we have to say our thank you's to:

Breathe Lounge for letting us use your venue to rock the house for our first show in the US!

All of our amazingly talented contestants who really brought it and did nothing short of setting the stage on fire!

Janay Flowers who has been part of our family for as long as we can remember! Thank you mama for reprising your role as #KekeShephard, you absolutely killed them!

Greg Gory for being such a major part of this show and making sure the legend of the Sandman stayed alive and well!

Shayna Elizabeth for keeping everyone in line and being our support!

Terri Donna Marie for your amazing face-beating skills and keeping everyone SLAYED to the gawds!

Chelle Belle, Denise Wright Brinson, Diane M Davis Hooks & Daija Perryman Wright for providing the positive energy that was needed to carry us through the night!

Our POCs Steph Russ, Vernon Nauls Jr. & Garfield for getting the word out to the SATX people and making sure the house was rocking!

Last but not least, the team itself, for coming through with yet another successful event. Mr. Banks The Dj, Kela Mahogany, Shanda Dizzy Misse, some dude named "Ghost" and #MahoganyEvents!

Next up: #KTownWhatYouGot in 2020!

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