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Back in the States after a long trip and an amazing time putting on Show Me What You Got for all the beautiful people in the KMC. Huge Thanks to all who attended and turned this place out like we knew y'all would!

As with every show, there are numerous hands that have helped us with this year's 🇩🇪 #KTownWhatYouGot and we want to take the time to thank those special ones who continue to make it happen for us year after year.

Firstly, a huge shout out to our sponsors, the X-Vodka Germany team, Rodney, Mo’ & Tameka for getting everyone drunk right from the get-go!

Olli from MoMa Café Bar, Brian of Patriot Military Automobiles, Hair By Mahogany, Military Salon Finder, The BBQ Connection and Beautifully Warm by M&A for their incredible support which allowed us to put on another unforgettable show!

Our ticket POCs who put the word out on the streets created a buzz and got the people in the door. Thank you Beliefs Over Acceptance, Imaginary Visionz, Ashley Jones, Tanja M. Lanier.

Allanah and Jaques for being those friendly faces at the door that greeted our guests and made sure the vibe is primed for an amazing night.

Our ‘Regulator’ Tanja Renee for showing her ass (LITERALLY!) and entertaining the hell out of everyone, keeping it funny and hilarious the way only she knows how. The super talented dance team, Majestic Queens.

Our boo Ashley Smith for always making sure the event has more than enough class and beauty!The sound & light team that provides just the right ambiance. The bartenders, security, and the rest of the Kammgarn Kaiserslautern squad, who show after show let us pull up and do our thing for the KMC community!

Of course, all of the contestants Return 2 Cindr ( Vanessa Verse, Fresh Linen, Pat Smith, Malachi Argentum, Ella Diem), Tango Da Sanger, Joelle Cathrin Dose, Valerie Braun, Shannon Moore, Lisa Cash, Dre Hobson aka KiKi, Brittany Michelle, Jacob Tyra, MVD Micki & Timothy Dean Holmes.

Last but not least, the guests who never cease to amaze us with the energy and excitement they bring that make not just the show but this entire weekend a whole vibe!

THANK YOU ALL from Dizzy The Host, Mr. Banks The Dj, and Kela Mahogany! UNTIL NEXT TIME!PS: The next show will be in Langley, VA this April. So make sure you check us out, tell your folks, and keep an eye on our Facebook/Instagram for more details!

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